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 At American Residential Inspections we take pride in our home inspection services.  Below you can find several satisfied customers ratings and reviews.    We have multiple references available for you at your request.  

  Give us a call today at (817) 473-1970  and find out how we are taking the home inspection industry to the next level.

Customer Ratings:


Rating:  5 Star!                            Happy Customer    Burleson, Texas

Patrick was great! I would definitely recommend him and his company to inspect your home. Patrick was very thorough and explained everything to the “T”! I have absolutely NO complaints and they are very cost efficient although my home was a new home. Hope this helps!


Rating:  5 Star!                            Amanda A.     Rowlett, Texas

Very clear, very detailed, any questions I had were quickly answered with explanations that were very clear.  I called later to ask a question about how much dirt to put around my foundation in the needed areas and he told me how much and how to do it and how many bags my project would need. I would recommend ARI to everyone!


Rating:  5 Star!                            Happy Customer    Dallas, Texas

Overall I was very impressed with the inspector.  On time, quick, and had an answer for every question.  We received the report on site with pictures and were walked around the entire home.  It was worth the price and I would definitely refer the  inspector again!


Rating:  5 Star!                            Happy Customer    Dallas, Texas

Pat Sullivan was very professional and accommodation to my schedule, By the time I arrived at the site, he was ready to go over his completed report. I was very impressed. I would use this firm and/or recommend ARI to friends.


Rating:  5 Star!                            Jenetha J.        Desoto, Texas

Mr. Sullivan was professional and prompt.  He did a very detailed job in the checking everything and specifically explained hid findings.  I would recommend him to others.


Rating:  5 Star!                            Happy Customer   Cedar Hill, Texas

Mr. Sullivan was very professional and so helpful. He gave me the information about caring for my foundation and fixing the items that needed some repair work done to them.  I would highly recommend him.  I was very very pleased with his professionalism as well and his knowledge base, I could not have selected a better person to do the inspection on my house!


Rating:  5 Star!                            Pamela M.  Cedar Hill,  Texas

He was very helpful and still  answered my questions even after the inspection.  I would recommend him to everyone.  He is the only process of buying a house that was easy to understand.


Rating:  5 Star!                            Dan H.   Fort Worth, Texas

He has done my house.  I am also a realtor in the area and he has done over 150 home inspections for me.   He does just wonderful work.  He is very flexible and easy to work with. He emails me the reports after all inspections and works very well with the clients!



We provide full home inspection services for all of the Dallas Fort Worth area!  We also provide Commercial Inspections at an affordable price

We are competitively priced and are typically more affordable that over 65 percent of our competitors.  Our view is, we do not want to miss out on an inspection, just because we are 50 to 100 dollars more than our competitors